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  • (956) 523-4900

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit of the District Attorney’s Office was established in 1997 to specialize in the investigation, evaluation and prosecution of cases involving domestic violence. The Unit consists of three prosecutors, two counselors, a victim advocate, a criminal investigator and administrative assistant that work toward holding abusers accountable for their actions and offering victims the help they need.

The Domestic Violence Unit works closely with law enforcement, the Domestic Violence Coalition and local service providers to help victims understand that although they may not be able to control the actions of others, they do have resources and services available to them. Together, we can help victims, so that they may protect themselves and those around them with a safe and healthy environment.

The Domestic Violence Coalition holds an annual Domestic Violence Conference with an average attendance of two to three hundred people every October. 
This annual event provides a setting for legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, service providers, educators and counselors, those in the medical field, students and the public to discuss issues and collaborate on resolutions related to Domestic Violence. 

The Domestic Violence Coalition began as a task force when a group of service providers in the community were asked to join together to discuss issues related to both domestic violence and child abuse. This task force developed into a coalition that continues to come together to educate the community, evaluate and augment programs and services and serve as advocates for victims of domestic violence. Among the founding members are: Sister Rosemary Welsh and Casa de Misericordia, the Laredo Commission for Women, the Children’s Advocacy Center, Border Region MHMR, TAMIU and SCAN. The Coalition holds monthly meetings hosted by Laredo Medical Center on the third Wednesday of every month except October and December. The meetings provide a forum for discussing health issues, public issues and provide constituents and their elected officials with an opportunity to share ideas and further their efforts to educate the community and bring an end to domestic violence.

To learn more about the Domestic Violence Coalition or to become a member, contact the District Attorney’s Domestic Violence Unit at 956.523.4923.IMG_2116